Follow our tips for great first day of school photos

Back to school means taking that annual photo. Watch our video of tips on making your photos look good and be meaningful.

Ben Villalpando couldn't wait to start kindergarten in 2006. Now he's looking at high schools.
Ben Villalpando couldn’t wait to start kindergarten in 2006.
Does this look like a high-schooler to you? We're ready to start high school tomorrow.
Ben Villalpando on his way to high school last year.

I’d add to these tips that you should store your back-to-school photos in the same place. It occurs to me that the only reason why I have my son’s first day of kindergarten photo is because it was in our Statesman photo database. I must have used it in a story.

Ben’s now a 10th-grader and we’ve gone from a point-and-shoot camera with film to digital camera to a phone camera and from printing out photos to storing photos on several different computers and flash drives. I don’t have a complete set of his or his sister’s photos. I need to put on my to-do list TRACK DOWN KIDS’ FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PHOTOS.

Show us your first day of school photos. Send them to or tag them on Twitter and Instagram with #atxfirstday.

Find all our back to school tips at

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