Register now to make lemonade for annual Lemonade Day

Finn Holt was the 12-year-old winner of the 2016 Austin Lemonade Day contest. Photo from Austin Lemonade Day.

Registration is now open for Lemonade Day Austin, May 6. This will be the ninth annual event. Your kids can register at

Each kid who register gets a backpack with a workbook on how to start a lemonade stand. They learn about how to set a budget, set goals, serve customers, pay back investors and help the community. When they send in their business results, the enter the Young Entrepreneur of the Year contest.

Lemonade Day Austin estimates that 90,000 kids have participated since 2009 and have sold $1.7 million worth of lemonade and donated more than $800,000 to charity.

One particular lemonade seller has seen her recipe go from the stand to stores. Mikaela Ulmer participated in 2011, then hit ABC’s Shark Tank and now you can find her BeeSweet Lemonade in Whole Foods, Wheatsville Co-op and stores and restaurants throughout Austin, as well as all over the country.

Mikaela Ulmer created BeeSweet Lemonade. Sandra Ramos Photography

Lemonade Day Austin offers this lists of things your kids can learn:

Financial Literacy & Economics

  • supply & demand
  • credit, debt, gross & net income
  • return on investment

College Readiness & Career

  • critical thinking & collaboration
  • teamwork & problem solving
  • presentation skills & design

Life Skills/Personal Development

  • leadership
  • self-direction & time management
  • social responsibility & charity
  • social skills & self confidence


  • math calculations
  • reading & interpreting data
  • oral & written communication

Watch a video of the 2015 Lemonade Day:

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